September 2014 archive

Outstanding Customer Care

Tonight I have communicated with Customers via Phone, Text, Email, and for the past hour have been working on a Grub problem with a customer on Facebook Messenger. I even answer on Sunday’s and nights till 10 pm. Try that with any of the competition and see if they answer!!!! Scenic Valley Enterprises LLC providing …

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Broadleaf Weed Control

Treated 6 Lawns in Buchanan Valley today despite the ski looking like rain most of the day. Starting in East Berlin and New Oxford tomorrow morning if it’s not to windy.

Fall Broadleaf Treatment

The product for the Fall Broadleaf Weed Control & Fertilizer Treatment has arrived. Treatments will begin this week. The weather greatly affects the timing of this application. Heat, humidity, wind, and lack of rain are some of the conditions that make the timing of this application very challenging.